Author: Rose

Tar Heel Trek: Davidson County

Continuing along the North Carolina piedmont, Davidson County is worthy of a pitstop. Founded in 1822 and named for Revolutionary War General William Lee Davidson, Davidson County is home to many unique and historical sites. North Carolina is well known for it’s barbecue, but none is quite like the kind you get in Lexington–defining its own category, “Lexington-style barbecue.” Home… Continue Reading Tar Heel Trek: Davidson County

UNC Press on Facebook!

Facebook seems to be everywhere you look these days and everyone you know is on the social networking site. Now you can find the University of North Carolina Press on Facebook as well! By searching “University of North Carolina Press,” and clicking “become a fan,” you will gain access to lots of information regarding new books, upcoming events and goings… Continue Reading UNC Press on Facebook!

Barbecue….It’s a Noun, Not a Verb, Y’all!

Well folks, that special time is finally upon us—it’s Barbecue Month! (Well, it was throughout May, but we celebrate all year long!) While many of those around the country are probably thinking it’s time to dust off their grilling machines and spatulas, we in the south know what this month is really celebrating, and that is the barbecue that comes… Continue Reading Barbecue….It’s a Noun, Not a Verb, Y’all!

Those Who Don’t Learn From History Are Doomed to Repeat it….

April 14, 2009 proved to be a dark day for progress and equality in, ironically, one of the most liberal collegiate atmospheres in the country. Forty-six years after the highly controversial Speaker Ban law was passed, it seems that the UNC Chapel Hill finds itself once again in the spotlight. In 1963, the Speaker Ban prohibited members of the Communist… Continue Reading Those Who Don’t Learn From History Are Doomed to Repeat it….