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Staff Picks: A UNC Press Holiday Gift Guide

Today, we’re pleased to share a selection of holiday gift recommendations from UNC Press staff members. To assemble this list, we asked the question, “What is your favorite UNC Press book to give as a gift?” Right now, you can save 40% on all UNC Press print books and receive free shipping on orders of $75 or more. Simply enter… Continue Reading Staff Picks: A UNC Press Holiday Gift Guide

Recipe: Bourbon Benedict

Today’s recipe is from Kathleen Purvis’s Bourbon. Kathleen Purvis is the food editor of the Charlotte Observer, a well-known food writer, and a long-time member of the Southern Foodways Alliance. After Pecans, this is her second book. Her recipe is great for those mornings when you feel like making something a little more special than your run-of-the-mill bacon and eggs. Continue Reading Recipe: Bourbon Benedict

Interview: Kathleen Purvis on Bourbon

Even after Prohibition was repealed, many areas of the South remained dry. So whiskey was hard to get and had a certain cache. Recipes that involved a little alcohol were not only tasty, they also implied a few things—they showed you had connections and maybe a bit of money to buy something. Continue Reading Interview: Kathleen Purvis on Bourbon