Taylor Mathis: Tailgating: The Social Events of the Fall

If you have never been to a tailgate in the South, you may not realize what goes into it. The event is much more than people standing in a parking lot before a football game. These events are a chance to reunite with old college friends, have a family reunion, and share great food and drink with those that you love. The common thread is that everyone there has a connection to that campus and wants to be with the ones they love to support their team.

Interview: Paul and Angela Knipple on Farm Fresh Tennessee

We left so many places saying, “Wow. That was just cool.” There were so many people who were eager to share their knowledge and were so generous with their time.

Interview: Paul & Angela Knipple on immigrant cuisine around the South

People’s hospitality was amazing, as was their openness. Many people were very proud of their accomplishments. A few were very humble, but fortunately they had cheerleaders, usually in the form of a relative, who helped them share their stories. They were also very excited about giving us recipes. Their food is their life, and you can’t share one without sharing the other.

Happy Birthday, Martha Washington! Let’s all have some of your cake. Seriously.

To celebrate Martha Washington’s birthday, enjoy this recipe for Martha Washington’s Great Cake, from the forthcoming book ‘Dining with the Washingtons.’

Interview: Diane Daniel on Agritourism in North Carolina

Diane Daniel, author of Farm Fresh North Carolina: The Go-To Guide to Great Farmers’ Markets, Farm Stands, Farms, Apple Orchards, U-Picks, Kids’ Activities, Lodging, Dining, Choose-and-Cut Christmas Trees, Vineyards and Wineries, and More sat down to talk more about her book and and the agritourism scene in North Carolina. Here she shares her wealth of …

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Sheri Castle’s Italian Sausage and Tortellini Soup

Today’s guest post is edible–Sheri Castle’s recipe for Italian sausage and tortellini soup!  It’s the perfect warm, hearty dish for these chilly months. This is the first in a monthly series of posts in which the author will share delicious, healthy recipes that utilize fresh, local ingredients from her new book, The New Southern Garden …

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We Like Excuses To Eat: May is National Barbecue Month

The month for honoring mothers, recognizing college graduates and remembering fallen service men and women is drawing to a close. While these occasions – along with blooming flowers and blue skies – take the spotlight in May, we shouldn’t forget the month long celebration for National Barbecue Month! Last year we told you the guidelines …

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National Women’s History Month: Final Installment

Since March is coming to an end, and April is going to be a busy month here on the Press Blog, this is going to be the last post in our series of books for National Women’s History Month. So far, we’ve covered some important books on topics like women at war, the role of …

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