Yes, you! Cool stuff happening this weekend. Radio, Internet, and Real-Life events that deserve your attention:

  • Robert McElvaine on All Things Considered – Today, Friday, to discuss FDR’s letters from Americans and the letter-reading habit President Obama has picked up. I know, we teased you earlier in the week because we thought his conversation would air Wednesday or Thursday. Well, it should be today, for reals. You can listen to the podcast anytime after 7pm at ATC’s webpage.
  • Community Dinner with Mama Dip! – Sunday at 1pm at McDougle School Cafetorium in Carrboro. “Sit down with a stranger, leave with a friend.” Menu organized by our beloved Mama Dip. This is the legendary annual Orange county community meal, with food from local restaurants, live music, and more. Tix are $8/adult, $3/kids 10 and under, and available only in advance. Check their website for details.
  • Could you eat on just $1 a day? – Rebecca Currie, who helps us at the Press with our in-house database, is doing just that (and no, it’s not because we aren’t paying her a fair wage!). She’s out to prove that you can still eat healthily (healthfully?) on a super-skimpy budget. The NY Daily News has written an article about her, and you can read her blog, Less Is Enough, to see how and what she’s eating.
  • We’re now crawling all over the interwebs! – You can now follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. Oh yeah.

Have a wonderful weekend!


update: Holy Snuggly McSnuggletons, Batman! The Chicago Blog just upped the ante on bringing the cute to university press blogging.