‘Change Comes Knocking’ to air on WUNC-TV tonight

Tonight at 10 p.m. on WUNC-TV will be the broadcast premiere of the documentary film Change Comes Knocking: The Story of the NC Fund. The film explores a bold, biracial initiative to fight poverty in 1960s North Carolina.

The anti-poverty project known as the North Carolina Fund is also the subject of a new book by Robert Korstad and James Leloudis, called To Right These Wrongs. A DVD of Change Comes Knocking is included with the book. And what’s more, this book is part of the groundbreaking Publishing the Long Civil Rights Movement project, which will make a chapter of the book available online for collaborative comment and annotation.

Stay tuned for the launch of the online chapter later this month! We look forward to the conversations that can bloom when we consider the successes and failures, the lessons learned, and the inspiration possible when people come together to make social change. For more information about Korstad & Leloudis’s project and the events and discussions related to it, visit their website, torightthesewrongs.com.