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Excerpt: The Armchair Birder Goes Coastal by John Yow

We walked toward the west end of the island and turned around to set up Sto’s scope with the sun at our backs, and from that vantage point we saw a rookery just seething with birds, not only the ibises but every heron and egret imaginable, including the elusive night herons. Continue Reading Excerpt: The Armchair Birder Goes Coastal by John Yow

Interview: John Yow, author of “The Armchair Birder Goes Coastal”

In the book I own up to a special fondness for the little blue heron, but many of the birds I write about are just spectacular. Right up there with the spoonbills and avocets are the black-necked stilts, the wood storks, the snowy and great egrets, the anhingas—and the list goes on. Of course, I’m perfectly willing to confess that my favorite birds tend to be those I can actually pick out from the rest. Continue Reading Interview: John Yow, author of “The Armchair Birder Goes Coastal”

Know Your Birding Guidebooks

If you’ve lived in North Carolina for any length of time, chances are you know the state isn’t just famous for its barbecue, beaches, and basketball. It’s also a world-class destination for a fourth “B”—birding. North Carolina’s diverse natural communities from mountains to sea nurture an equally diverse array of bird species. Some spend most of the year here, enlivening… Continue Reading Know Your Birding Guidebooks

Meet the Armchair Birder…dot com!!

What do you see when you look out your window? City-friendly pigeons? Meadow-loving bluebirds? John Yow, author of the fun and fantastic new book The Armchair Birder: Discovering the Secret Lives of Familiar Birds, is now blogging! He talks about birds almost all of us have heard of and that many of us see on a regular basis. He’s watching… Continue Reading Meet the Armchair Birder…dot com!!

Upcoming events, 4/21 – 4/27

New York, NY – Today! Tuesday 4/21 at 6 pm – Ann Marie Stock, author of On Location in Cuba: Street Filmmaking during Times of Transition (hot off the press!), will be speaking at the Havana Film Festival at the King Juan Carlos Center. Raleigh, NC – Wed., 4/22 at 11 am – Rob Christensen, author of The Paradox of… Continue Reading Upcoming events, 4/21 – 4/27

Upcoming events 4/14 – 4/20

Upcoming author events, including a C-SPAN taping tonight! Today, Tuesday, 4/14: John & Dale Reed in Kernersville, NC –  Shakespeare & Company Books in Kernersville hosts the authors of Holy Smoke at 6 pm. Lars Schoultz in Durham, NC – The author of That Infernal Little Cuban Republic will read and speak at the Regulator Bookshop at 7 pm .… Continue Reading Upcoming events 4/14 – 4/20