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A Book to Please Every Palate

For the month of July, we’re shining the spotlight on all of our great foodways and cookbook titles here at UNC Press. We’re very excited about our forthcoming fall lineup that’s peppered with delightful foodie treats. Here’s a little amuse-bouche: Editor Stephen A. McLeod, with the help of staff members at Mount Vernon, brings us Dining with the Washingtons: Historic… Continue Reading A Book to Please Every Palate

Remembering the Fruitcake Lady on her 100th birthday

Marie Rudisill (1911-2006), aka The Fruitcake Lady, was born 100 years ago this Sunday. You may remember her from her appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Maybe you learned about her last fall when Beth blogged about the Fruitcake Festival and announced our new edition of Rudisill’s cookbook, Fruitcake. As we head off to the weekend, we leave… Continue Reading Remembering the Fruitcake Lady on her 100th birthday

Celebrate fruitcake! Come on!

Sing along with me . . . there’s a party going on right here . . . Read on to discover the missing link between dollbaby carriages, Truman Capote, Jay Leno, fruitcake, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, dark rum, and Harper Lee. The website for the Fruitcake Festival in Monroeville, Alabama proclaims, “It’s Fruitcake Weather!” and it is, indeed. It’s the time… Continue Reading Celebrate fruitcake! Come on!