Barbara W. Ellis: 10 Tips for Attracting Birds to Your Landscape

Feeders are just one option for attracting birds to your yard. The way landscape plantings are arranged, the plants you grow, and the gardening techniques you use all play roles in encouraging birds to make a home in your backyard.

Use the ten tips below to welcome a wider variety of birds to your landscape. You will find more information on attracting birds and other wildlife, including lists of recommended native plants, and plants that attract hummingbirds, in Chesapeake Gardening and Landscaping: The Essential Green Guide.

North Carolina Icons: Wright Brothers and Jockey’s Ridge

Our State explains the best way to appreciate the pioneer’s of aviation: “Stand at the base of the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kitty Hawk, right where it all began.” Then, just a few miles to the south you can visit Jockey’s Ridge State Park, home to the East Coast’s tallest active sand dune, where Our State recommends, “Want to be a daredevil? Try hang-gliding. Rather keep your feet in the sand? Fly a kite.

New Omnibus E-book: John Yow’s Armchair Birder Books

Now available: an omnibus e-book that combines John Yow’s delightful books The Armchair Birder and The Armchair Birder Goes Coastal.

Southern Gateways: essential southern reading that makes a great gift

Our Holiday Sale is now underway! If you need some gift ideas for the folks on your list, our Southern Gateways catalog is a great place to start. Southern Gateways is where we collect of all our general interest books about this region we call home.

North Carolina Icons: Blue Ridge Parkway

We start our series with icon number 1: the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our State Magazine says, “Travel any one of the Parkway’s 252 North Carolina miles and you’re guaranteed a beautiful drive.” We have three different books that will help you explore the Blue Ridge Parkway in three different ways.

Excerpt: The Armchair Birder Goes Coastal by John Yow

We walked toward the west end of the island and turned around to set up Sto’s scope with the sun at our backs, and from that vantage point we saw a rookery just seething with birds, not only the ibises but every heron and egret imaginable, including the elusive night herons.

Interview: John Yow, author of “The Armchair Birder Goes Coastal”

In the book I own up to a special fondness for the little blue heron, but many of the birds I write about are just spectacular. Right up there with the spoonbills and avocets are the black-necked stilts, the wood storks, the snowy and great egrets, the anhingas—and the list goes on. Of course, I’m perfectly willing to confess that my favorite birds tend to be those I can actually pick out from the rest.

The AMAZING Backpacking North Carolina Challenge with Joe Miller

Do you like hiking? Do you like contests? Do you like contests where you’ll receive cool prizes just for hiking? Cool prizes like the North Carolina Birding Trail 3-Volume Set? Orrrr a MSR PocketRocket Stove? Or how about a Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Self Infalting Sleeping Pad? Yeah, we do, too! That’s why we are extremely pleased to announce that Joe …

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It’s EPIC SALE TIME! Over 700 UNC Press books are on sale! Read more about the huge deals here.

Bland Simpson and Scott Taylor at Harkers Island’s Waterfowl Weekend

This weekend is Waterfowl Weekend at the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center at Harkers Island, North Carolina.  Our authors, Bland Simpson and Scott Taylor will surely be there.  Their book is The Coasts of Carolina: Seaside to Sound Country.  What it is, it seems to me, is a love letter to the southern …

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Southern Gateways: The best in southern reading from UNC Press

One of the strengths of UNC Press is our commitment to publishing first-rate books about the region in which we live. From college hoops to environmental history, from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement, from the coast to the hills, our books about the South educate and entertain readers within the region and …

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Celebrate North Carolina State Parks…and Watch Out for My Cousin Teddy

I once went on an epic camping trip to a state park with my extended family.  On this trip, my cousin “accidentally” bumped into me while I was kneeling beside our campfire.  “Luckily,” I caught myself on the hot coals around the perimeter.  Then, this same cousin–we’ll call him Teddy (cough…Michael)–“accidentally” ran into my brother …

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Earth Day in the Southern Appalachians

On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day celebrations and teach-ins were held in Philadelphia, PA. Over the forty years since then, Earth Day has spread throughout the United States and around the globe, becoming an observed event in almost every nation worldwide. To recognize this important day, UNC Press would like to welcome author …

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Come sing your birdsong for the Armchair Birder

“Drink your teeeeee!” That would be the song of the male Eastern Towhee, according to the Learn Bird Songs! website. You can hear the songs of nearly three dozen species there, and hone your imitation on the way to Atlanta this weekend. John Yow, the Armchair Birder, will be at the Decatur Book Festival Sunday …

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Tar Heel Trek: Davidson County

Continuing along the North Carolina piedmont, Davidson County is worthy of a pitstop. Founded in 1822 and named for Revolutionary War General William Lee Davidson, Davidson County is home to many unique and historical sites. North Carolina is well known for it’s barbecue, but none is quite like the kind you get in Lexington–defining its …

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Know Your Birding Guidebooks

If you’ve lived in North Carolina for any length of time, chances are you know the state isn’t just famous for its barbecue, beaches, and basketball. It’s also a world-class destination for a fourth “B”—birding. North Carolina’s diverse natural communities from mountains to sea nurture an equally diverse array of bird species. Some spend most …

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Meet the Armchair Birder…dot com!!

What do you see when you look out your window? City-friendly pigeons? Meadow-loving bluebirds? John Yow, author of the fun and fantastic new book The Armchair Birder: Discovering the Secret Lives of Familiar Birds, is now blogging! He talks about birds almost all of us have heard of and that many of us see on …

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Upcoming events, 4/21 – 4/27

New York, NY – Today! Tuesday 4/21 at 6 pm – Ann Marie Stock, author of On Location in Cuba: Street Filmmaking during Times of Transition (hot off the press!), will be speaking at the Havana Film Festival at the King Juan Carlos Center. Raleigh, NC – Wed., 4/22 at 11 am – Rob Christensen, …

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Upcoming events 4/14 – 4/20

Upcoming author events, including a C-SPAN taping tonight! Today, Tuesday, 4/14: John & Dale Reed in Kernersville, NC –  Shakespeare & Company Books in Kernersville hosts the authors of Holy Smoke at 6 pm. Lars Schoultz in Durham, NC – The author of That Infernal Little Cuban Republic will read and speak at the Regulator …

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New (old) bird species named for biologist Alan Feduccia

Congratulations to author Alan Feduccia, who has just had a 120-million-year-old bird named after him! The fossil of the early Cretaceous period bird, named Confuciusornis feducciai, was recently discovered in ancient, dried up lake deposits in Liaoning Province in northeastern China, an area that has produced a “gold rush” of fossils in the last decade, …

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