Darrin Pratt: Mission Possible

Our value proposition, however, gets even better if you consider expanding beyond the definition of monograph employed by the study authors. The study defined monographs as “books which are written by scholars and researchers and which are intended primarily for other scholars and researchers” (using John Thompson’s definition in Books in the Digital Age),[ref]John Thompson, Books in the Digital Age: The Transformation of Academic and Higher Education Publishing in Britain and the United States (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2005), 103[/ref] but excluded books that are “collections of essays, even if the essays are all by a single author.” In certain fields, particularly emerging fields and subfields, edited collections of essays that constitute original scholarship are quite common. If we use Thompson’s original definition, without excluding edited collections, my own press’s 2009–2013 output of original scholarly works as a percentage of the total jumps from 42% to 67% (from data returned to University Press of Colorado by Esposito and Barch).

University Press Week 2016 Blog Tour Day 5: #FF UNC Press Publishing Partners

We have celebrated the theme of Community for the past several days with our sibling publishers in the Association of American University Presses’ #UPweek. Today we invite you into our own virtual rolodex to introduce you to just some of the many partner organizations with whom we have collaborated to make many of your favorite books and journals possible.

University Press Week 2016: Blog Tour Day 2

Community is at the center of AAUP members’ missions: from the community of a discipline to a regional home and culture, from the shared discourse of a campus to a bookstore’s community of readers. We celebrate #UPweek 2016 with the annual blog tour, where each day several UPs post about a particular theme. Our contribution will go live on Friday. Until then, we’ll share our colleagues’ posts. #ReadUP!

UNC Press Announces First Recipients of Thomas W. Ross Fund Publishing Grants

The grants will help UNC system departments, centers, and libraries publish scholarly material generated on their campuses. The five projects being funded represent a range of scholarly work being created at four different institutions.

John Sherer: The Cost to Publish a Monograph Is Both Too Low and Too High

The danger with the numbers in this report is that they describe how much it costs presses to put a book into the marketplace using our conventional model. But in order to produce an edition that is openly available in digital format, our activities would look very different.

University Press Week 2015: Blog Tour Day 5

University Press Week Blog Tour Day 5 theme is university presses in conversation with authors. Links to posts from Temple, Columbia, Virginia, Beacon, Illinois, Southern Illinois, Kansas, Oregon, Liverpool, and Toronto presses.

University Press Week 2015: Blog Tour Day 4

University Press Week Blog Tour Day 4 theme is #TBT (Throwback Thursday). Links to posts from Project MUSE, California, Duke, Manitoba, Texas, Chicago, Kansas, Michigan, Fordham, Minnesota, Toronto, and Washington presses.

University Press Week 2015: Blog Tour Day 3

University Press Week Blog Tour Day 3 theme is design in university press and scholarly publishing. Links to posts from Northwestern, Georgetown, Syracuse, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Kansas, Princeton, and Athabasca presses.

University Press Week 2015: Blog Tour Day 2: John Sherer: The Case for Financial Support of Your University Press

There is a critical aspect of our work that market activity cannot—and should not—be supporting: the system of peer review that is an essential hallmark of university press publishing.

University Press Week 2015: Blog Tour Day 1

This week, November 8-14, the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) celebrates University Press Week. For day one of the University Press Week Blog Tour, nine press blogs highlight surprises in academic publishing.

Marianne Gingher: Amazing Place Is a NY Times Bestseller

It seems fitting that I should document the AMAZING PLACEment of this wonderful book on the New York Times Bestseller List. Thursday, May 7, 2015, I got word it was named #8 by the New York Times Bestseller list for the TRAVEL category.

Marianne Gingher: ABA Winter Institute 2015

Friendliness was the vibe of my entire experience at ABA’s Winter Institute. I’d expected to meet several North Carolina-based booksellers, but I wasn’t prepared for the tremendous interest booksellers from California, Montana, Colorado, North Dakota, Michigan, Massachusetts, Texas, and Ohio expressed. The thing was, they’d come to North Carolina, seen it with their own eyes, spent time here, liked what they saw, and clearly wanted to share a sense of that experience with their patrons. “Read these folks!” I told them. “You will get all sorts of perspectives on the state, from politics to lyrical meditations on its beauty.”

UNC Press Receives Major Grant from Mellon Foundation

The University of North Carolina Press has been awarded a $998,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation of New York to support the development of capacities at university presses for the publication of high-quality digital monographs.

UNC Press partners with NC LIVE for library ebook pilot program

UNC Press is pleased to announce its partnership with NC LIVE, North Carolina’s statewide public and academic library consortium, as it experiments with new eBook purchasing and funding models that will give North Carolina library patrons unlimited access to more than 1000 eBook titles from North Carolina-based publishers.

Longleaf Services Selects Ingram for Content Logistics

With a fourth quarter 2014 transition, Ingram will manage warehousing, fulfillment, print-on-demand, and e-book content management solutions for Longleaf Services clients and future distributed clients.

NC Literary Festival Featuring Appearances from UNC Press Authors

The North Carolina Literary Festival is a free public event presented on a rotating basis by the Duke University Libraries, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries, and the NCSU Libraries. This year, the festival will be hosted at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library of NC State University in Raleigh. The festival is for people of all ages from all over the state and beyond. Every year the festival includes author readings and discussions, performances, book signings, children’s activities, book sales and much more. Among the varied participants, several UNC Press authors will be at this year’s NC Literary Festival.

University Press Week 2013: Blog Tour Day 5

University Press Week Blog Tour concludes today with posts on the theme of The Global Reach of University Presses. Today’s posts are from Princeton University Press, NYU Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Columbia University Press, University of Wisconsin Press, Georgetown University Press, Yale University Press, and Indiana University Press.

University Press Week 2013: Blog Tour Day 4: Mark Simpson-Vos: Remembering Region

I’m convinced region matters more than ever. And indeed, we need university presses more than ever to work in concert with authors, booksellers, and reading communities to build conversations that scale from the local to the global and back again.

University Press Week 2013: Blog Tour Day 3

University Press Week Blog Tour Day 3 features posts that spotlight a specific subject area from Wilfrid Laurier University Press, University of Georgia Press, Texas A&M Press, MIT Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, and University of Toronto Press.

University Press Week 2013: Blog Tour Day 2

Day 2 of the blog tour for University Press Week focuses on the future of scholarly communication. See posts from Harvard University Press, Stanford University Press, University of Virginia Press, University of Texas Press, Duke University Press, University of Minnesota Press, and Temple University Press.