E. Patrick Johnson’s ‘Sweet Tea’ on stage in Durham

Author, actor, and activist E. Patrick Johnson is bringing his one-man show Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South (based on his award-winning book of the same name) to Durham.

Free Book Friday: Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South

Comment by 4pm EST today for a chance to win a copy of Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South, an oral history by E. Patrick Johnson.

Sweet Tea on the Chicago Stage

We’ve blogged before about E. Patrick Johnson’s amazing Sweet Tea project–the book, the performances. Johnson is now starring in the one-man-show called Sweet Tea at the Viaduct Theater in Chicago through May 29. Here’s a taste of his preparation with director Daniel Alexander Jones. We have a special website dedicated to Sweet Tea, where you …

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A world without E. Lynn Harris (1955-2009)

Last week best-selling fiction writer E. Lynn Harris died at the age of 54. Harris’s closeted and openly gay black characters paved the way for a new and vibrant genre of popular literature with widespread appeal. Personally, Harris was a kind and generous man who sought to encourage and support other gay black writers, including …

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Upcoming events, 4/21 – 4/27

New York, NY – Today! Tuesday 4/21 at 6 pm – Ann Marie Stock, author of On Location in Cuba: Street Filmmaking during Times of Transition (hot off the press!), will be speaking at the Havana Film Festival at the King Juan Carlos Center. Raleigh, NC – Wed., 4/22 at 11 am – Rob Christensen, …

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Places to go, people to see

The sun is just starting to break through the morning cloud cover on this warm spring day. Last day of sunshine before we roll into a week of rain here in the Triangle, say the weather forecasters, so let’s make the most of it! In the next few days, there will be several opportunities to …

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E. Patrick Johnson’s “Pouring Tea” in Chapel Hill and Durham

If you didn’t go check out the videos mentioned in Tom’s post on Sweet Tea a couple of weeks ago, go do it now. In fact, here’s a direct link to the page where the videos are. Go on. I’ll wait. . . . . . . Okay, I actually just went and re-watched all …

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Taking a Break with Sweet Tea

Working in the IT division of the Press, I don’t get a chance to interact with many of our authors. E. Patrick Johnson is one author I have had the pleasure of corresponding with. Through my work with Johnson to select and refine our promotional page for his book (see below) I can attest to …

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