The sun is just starting to break through the morning cloud cover on this warm spring day. Last day of sunshine before we roll into a week of rain here in the Triangle, say the weather forecasters, so let’s make the most of it!

In the next few days, there will be several opportunities to hear various UNC Press authors in various public places. Take note:

  • Durham, NC / 7 pm tonight, Mar. 11 / Dr. Nortin Hadler – The economic stimulus bill includes funds for the federal government “to compare the effectiveness of different treatments for the same illness.” Are we wasting healthcare dollars on unhelpful treatments? The Regulator Bookshop on Ninth Street will host a community discussion on health care reform, led by Dr. Nortin Hadler, author of Worried Sick and a forthcoming book (coming this fall!) on back pain.  Join the conversation! We’ve all got a stake in this.
  • Washington, DC / 1 pm Thurs., Mar. 12 / Nina Silber – Silber, a Civil War historian and author of Gender and the Sectional Conflict, will be speaking at the Treasury Executive Institute.
  • Greensboro, NC / 7 pm Fri., Mar. 13 / Lawrence Babits & Joshua Howard – Coauthors of Long, Obstinate, and Bloody, the first full examination of the Revolutionary battle of Guilford Courthouse, Babits and Howard will be on site at the Guilford Courthouse Visitors Center to talk and sign books. There will be a special commemoration at the center on Sunday, 3/15, the anniversary of the battle.
  • Staunton, VA / 1-3 pm Sat., Mar. 14 / Nancy Carter Crump – Crump, the author of Hearthside Cooking, will be signing books at Bookworks, 101 West Beverley Street.

In other news, BBQ Jew has a great interview with John and Dale Reed–a “BBQ & A,” he calls it.  (spoiler alert!: the post includes a 1974 photo of John in a yarmulke)

Have you hugged your indy bookstore manager today? Or, just a thank-you will do. Brad Craft gives an inspiring thanks to managers he’s worked for in his bookselling career.

Do you Twitter? Are you following @booksin140? Meet the woman behind the 140-character book reviews, Erin Balser, in this interview from the National Post. Now are you following @booksin140? Thought so.

I know you never thought you’d find it here. I certainly never thought I’d post it here. Nonetheless, here we are, and I’m about to offer . . . romance advice. Of the bookish kind, of course. I can’t vouch for its authenticity or effectiveness, but if you happen to want to woo a librarian, say, or any serious, truly committed book lover, try the olfactory approach: someone has actually attempted to bottle the scent of books and you can actually daub “In the Library” on your person. (Also comes in room spray, so you can pretend you’re making out in the stacks without leaving the living room!) So, yeah, the object of your affection better be a really committed book lover. Let me know how it goes. (small print: Not responsible for any adverse effects.)

Happy courting, happy spring turning into-ing, and all sneezes be gone!