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What we’ve saved by going green

Long concerned with the environmental impact involved in the making of books, UNC Press has been a member of the Green Press Initiative since the program’s founding in 2001. This means we’re committed to recycling at the office and we give preference to postconsumer and chlorine-free papers in our book manufacturing. You can read more details about our environmental policy… Continue Reading What we’ve saved by going green

Better Barbecue Through Chemistry!

As I have written here before, I’m a Yankee Vegetarian who came to the South too late to discover the taste of North Carolina Barbecue (in any of its varieties). However, as a self-proclaimed Foodie and something of a geek, if there’s one thing that brings out my inner Alton Brown it’s some good old Food Science. And I don’t… Continue Reading Better Barbecue Through Chemistry!

Lisa Levenstein weighs in on health care, government involvement & “Old Blockley”

Below is an excerpt of an op-ed piece that Lisa Levenstein wrote in the Philadelphia Inquirer about government involvement in health care and the Philadelphia General Hospital. She uses “Old Blockley,” as it was often called, as an example of a a successful public hospital that treated everyone with compassion. Levenstein is an assistant professor of history at the University… Continue Reading Lisa Levenstein weighs in on health care, government involvement & “Old Blockley”

Mental Toughness in Sports: A Ballerina’s Perspective

Imagine sitting in a backstage dressing room, snacking on trail mix and chatting with your friends, when your ballet teacher rushes in, frantically calling your name and informing you that one of the princesses has sprained her ankle and must be replaced in the ballet’s final act just ten minutes away. You are the shocked understudy required to dance in… Continue Reading Mental Toughness in Sports: A Ballerina’s Perspective


Jack Temple Kirby, author of MOCKINGBIRD SONG: ECOLOGICAL LANDSCAPES OF THE SOUTH (2006)–winner of the 2007 Bancroft Prize awarded annually to a book “of exceptional merit” by Columbia University and the 2007 Bennett H. Wall Award given for the best book in Southern economic or businesshistory from the Southern Historical Association–died on August 6. Kirby also wrote POQUOSIN: A STUDY… Continue Reading JACK TEMPLE KIRBY (1938-2009)

David Stick 1919-2009

UNC Press author Bland Simpson has made his name on a myriad of talents, one of which is his superb ability to write about North Carolina’s coastline. Since 1993, UNC Press has published five of Simpson’s books about the area, with the most recent work–The Inner Islands–scheduled for paperback publication in the spring of 2010. I mention Simpson because his… Continue Reading David Stick 1919-2009

Launch Week at UNC Press!

If you are wondering why you haven’t seen many fresh UNC Press blog posts lately, you have launch week to thank for that. UNC Press folks spent all of last week–save a lunch break here and there–discussing the 70+ titles that will make up our list for Spring 2010. While we are exhausted (sigh) we are certain that it was… Continue Reading Launch Week at UNC Press!


Some exciting news  regarding UNC Press… AAUP meeting: Several folks from UNC Press traveled to Philadelphia, PA last weekend for the annual AAUP meeting–Joanna Ruth Marsland, our Director of Development had this to say about the meeting: “…The sessions focused on “best practices” for the various departments and activities within university presses, and the ones I attended were very good.… Continue Reading AAUP,…

Gary Bunt on the 2009 Iranian presidential elections…

Gary R. Bunt, senior lecturer in Islamic studies at the University of Wales, was kind enough to share his time and thoughts on the events surrounding the 2009 Iranian presidential election, the protests, and the deeply entrenched tensions between politics and religion. His most recent book, iMuslims, sheds new light on the nature of contemporary Islamic discourse, identity, and community.… Continue Reading Gary Bunt on the 2009 Iranian presidential elections…

Juneteenth, Emancipation, and the Proclamation

Today, the UNC Press blog is happy to offer a guest post from William A. Blair, professor of U.S. history and director of the George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center at the Pennsylvania State University. In November, UNC Press will be publishing Lincoln’s Proclamation, a collection of essays coedited by Blair and Karen F. Younger that offers new… Continue Reading Juneteenth, Emancipation, and the Proclamation

Celebrate National Soul Food Month with Mama Dip

I once worked at a restaurant that served fried chicken livers in a martini glass with some fancy sauce drizzled over the top in a perfect zig-zag pattern. Soul food sure isn’t what it used to be. This unique genre of food, always comforting and often greasy, should never be served in stemware. Soul food is about making the most… Continue Reading Celebrate National Soul Food Month with Mama Dip

UNC Press on Facebook!

Facebook seems to be everywhere you look these days and everyone you know is on the social networking site. Now you can find the University of North Carolina Press on Facebook as well! By searching “University of North Carolina Press,” and clicking “become a fan,” you will gain access to lots of information regarding new books, upcoming events and goings… Continue Reading UNC Press on Facebook!

One Fantastic Ride with the Champs

For everyone associated with North Carolina Tar Heel basketball, the 2008-2009 season was as good as it gets. Key players returned when they could have easily picked up paychecks in the NBA. Records were broken by individuals and team alike. Starters picked up conference and national awards in droves. Best of all, the Heels won the basketball program’s fifth NCAA… Continue Reading One Fantastic Ride with the Champs

B.B. King & Book Expo America 2009

I am pleased to report that while Book Expo America 2009 seemed slightly sluggish for others, it was a downright success for UNC Press. With over 1500 exhibitors at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City this past weekend, UNC Press was a standout among the crowd–and who wouldn’t want to know what we were up to with… Continue Reading B.B. King & Book Expo America 2009

Barbecue….It’s a Noun, Not a Verb, Y’all!

Well folks, that special time is finally upon us—it’s Barbecue Month! (Well, it was throughout May, but we celebrate all year long!) While many of those around the country are probably thinking it’s time to dust off their grilling machines and spatulas, we in the south know what this month is really celebrating, and that is the barbecue that comes… Continue Reading Barbecue….It’s a Noun, Not a Verb, Y’all!

Happy National Maritime Day!

Happy National Maritime Day! Today, I ask that each of you take a closer look at those crab legs you’re eating, or that naval ship you see when you are at the beach and really consider how important sailors, the sea, and the maritime industry is to our daily lives. May 22, 1933 marks the date that the American steamship… Continue Reading Happy National Maritime Day!

Director Kate Torrey named one of 50 Top Women in Book Publishing

This month’s cover story for Book Business magazine is a list of 50 Top Women in Book Publishing. Book Business’ first annual “50 Top Women in Book Publishing” feature recognizes and honors some of these industry leaders who affect and transform how publishing companies do business, and what—and how—consumers read. The women who were selected this year represent various segments… Continue Reading Director Kate Torrey named one of 50 Top Women in Book Publishing

Meet the Armchair Birder…dot com!!

What do you see when you look out your window? City-friendly pigeons? Meadow-loving bluebirds? John Yow, author of the fun and fantastic new book The Armchair Birder: Discovering the Secret Lives of Familiar Birds, is now blogging! He talks about birds almost all of us have heard of and that many of us see on a regular basis. He’s watching… Continue Reading Meet the Armchair Birder…dot com!!

Get satisfaction: the indy publisher blog feed

You may have noticed a new widget in the righthand sidebar over the last several weeks. (It was previously down under the categories and tag cloud; I just bumped it up to prime real estate today.) In the right column, just under the search box is a bigger box displaying current headlines from the blogs of dozens of other university… Continue Reading Get satisfaction: the indy publisher blog feed