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Hurricane Katrina: August 29, 2005

When Hurricane Katrina moved northwest through the Gulf of Mexico, hitting the Gulf Coast of the US in late August of 2005 I had only the briefest of connections to the city: my parents had attended a convention there in the late 60s, a friend I had grown up with lived there with his wife right after graduating from the… Continue Reading Hurricane Katrina: August 29, 2005

“Meet Glenda Gilmore” on WUNC’s ‘The State of Things’

Yet another entry in our continuing series of “Why We Love WUNC Radio’s ‘The State of Things’” Glenda Gilmore is an eighth-generation North Carolinian who grew up in Greensboro during the 1960s. It wasn’t until she was teaching American History in a predominantly black school in South Carolina that she realized how her view of history had be skewed by… Continue Reading “Meet Glenda Gilmore” on WUNC’s ‘The State of Things’

Rich Hendel, Book Designer

When an author is choosing a publisher they consider a number of factors. What is the reputation of the Press? Who else has this Press published? How well will they support my book? And, perhaps a final but very important consideration, What will my book look like on the shelf and when I’m reading it? While I (not surprisingly) feel… Continue Reading Rich Hendel, Book Designer

New Project Aims to “Publish the Long Civil Rights Movement”

Cool activist-esque things to do through the years: early 1960s: register African American voters in the South; late 1960s: protest Vietnam War/attend large-scale concert in upstate New York; 1970s: burn bra while reading Erica Jong; 1990s: wear a red ribbon on an expensive tuxedo; 2008: get involved in the electoral process. Considering the upcoming election season, significant change seems possible,… Continue Reading New Project Aims to “Publish the Long Civil Rights Movement”

The Post Our Blog Editor Wouldn’t Post Herself

Kudos to our blog editor, Ellen C. Bush, for having her book of poems, Licorice, published by our neighbor, Bull City Press. And for hitting the big time with a mention on last week’s State of Things, radio broadcast on WUNC radio. You can learn more about Ellen’s book here, and listen to the audio tape of broadcast, with a… Continue Reading The Post Our Blog Editor Wouldn’t Post Herself

BEA Report

The biggest annual trade show in the American book biz, BookExpo America was held in Los Angeles this year from May 29 to June 1. UNC Press had a double booth and featured several great books coming up on our Fall 2008 list. Pics of our booth and a peek at some forthcoming gems, after the jump….

Here we go!

Greetings from the University of North Carolina Press! We’ll be in a trial period for the next two weeks, gearing up for a regular gig in the blogosphere. Starting in mid June, watch for frequent posts about great books published by UNC Press; interviews, reviews, and announcements of author events; discussions of issues that matter to authors, booksellers, readers, and… Continue Reading Here we go!