Video: Barbara Ellis on Chesapeake Gardening and Landscaping

Ellis talks about the origins of the book, her lifelong interest in plants, why she doesn’t use herbicides, and more.

Barbara W. Ellis: 10 Tips for Attracting Birds to Your Landscape

Feeders are just one option for attracting birds to your yard. The way landscape plantings are arranged, the plants you grow, and the gardening techniques you use all play roles in encouraging birds to make a home in your backyard.

Use the ten tips below to welcome a wider variety of birds to your landscape. You will find more information on attracting birds and other wildlife, including lists of recommended native plants, and plants that attract hummingbirds, in Chesapeake Gardening and Landscaping: The Essential Green Guide.

Barbara W. Ellis: 6 Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly Landscape

Whether you want to redesign your entire landscape, find a project for this weekend, or simply reduce overall outdoor maintenance, taking steps to make your garden greener, or more sustainable, may be the answer. Sustainable landscaping is a way to design and care for yards, gardens, and the larger landscape to create outdoor spaces that are attractive and healthy for humans, wildlife, pets, and the environment as a whole. Growing greener does not have to entail huge effort or become a life-altering process. While enthusiastic gardeners may be inspired to plant a wildflower meadow or create a native woodland garden, far simpler steps also can be beneficial.

Miriam Rubin: Talking Tomatoes

My summer begins when I bite into a perfect Brandywine or Cherokee Purple—whichever ripens first. The flavor is part of my taste memory, yet still—each season—the experience is fresh and new. Tomatoes are the reason I plant my garden.

A Book to Please Every Palate

For the month of July, we’re shining the spotlight on all of our great foodways and cookbook titles here at UNC Press. We’re very excited about our forthcoming fall lineup that’s peppered with delightful foodie treats. Here’s a little amuse-bouche: Editor Stephen A. McLeod, with the help of staff members at Mount Vernon, brings us …

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Watch: Diane Daniel offers farmers’ market tips

Farm Fresh North Carolina author Diane Daniel recently appeared on Charlotte Today. In this feature she offers tips on when to go to market, how to plan in advance, and how to keep it local.

National Wildflower Week concludes–with pretty pictures!

Well, it’s the last day of our celebration of National Wildflower Week.  We’ve given you a lot to read about so far, so now that it’s Friday, let’s look at some pictures of flowers!  These beautiful images come from another backlist favorite, Wild Flowers of North Carolina, by WIlliam S. Justice, photographer and botanist, C. …

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National Wildflower Week Day 4: Rescuing Threatened Native Plants

How to rescue native plants whose habitat is under threat. An excerpt from Harry R. Phillips’ book Growing and Propagating Wild Flowers.’

The Ten Commandments of Wildflower Conservation: National Wildflower Week Continues!

How to treat the landscape to ensure we can continue to enjoy the bounty of wildflowers the Blue Ridge Parkway has to offer.

National Wildflower Week Day 2: Off to the Sandhills Region with Bruce A. Sorrie

Continuing our celebration of National Wildflower Week: check out Bruce Sorrie’s new Field Guide to Wildflowers of the Sandhills Region.

Asparagus in Crisp Ham with Lemony Deviled Eggs

Cookbook author Sheri Castle shares her monthly recipe: Asparagus in crisp ham with lemony deviled eggs.

Celebrating B.W. Wells

Today we remember the late B. W. Wells, plant ecologist, conservationist, and author of The Natural Gardens of North Carolina. On March 26th, Rock Cliff Farm, Wells’s place of retirement, is celebrating B.W. Wells Heritage Day, with tours, activities, giveaways, and exhibits that recall the life and work of this pioneering ecologist.  His work lives …

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Southern Gateways: The best in southern reading from UNC Press

One of the strengths of UNC Press is our commitment to publishing first-rate books about the region in which we live. From college hoops to environmental history, from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement, from the coast to the hills, our books about the South educate and entertain readers within the region and …

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Jefferson’s Gardens

Anne Raver of The New York Times takes a stroll through the gardens of Monticello, where director of gardens and grounds Peter Hatch reveals some of Thomas Jefferson’s trial-and-error (and error, and trial, and error) gardening history. The folks at Monticello restored Jefferson’s original 2-acre kitchen garden about thirty years ago, and have returned to …

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Great American Gardeners: Lynn Coulter Reports from Epcot

Today, we’re lucky to have a guest post from Lynn Coulter, author of Gardening with Heirloom Seeds: Tried-and-True Flowers, Fruits, & Vegetables for a new Generation. Recently, Lynn was invited to Epcot at Walt Disney World as part of their “Great American Gardeners” series. Her highlights from the 2010 International Flower and Garden Festival focus …

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