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(UNCP + State of Things) x 2 = Today

What, headline too cryptic? How much does UNC Press love The State of Things? We love it twice as much as yesterday, but only half as much as tomorrow. Today’s show will feature TWO segments with a UNCP author in each segment. No, we are not paying them off. But both UNC Press and The State of Things work to… Continue Reading (UNCP + State of Things) x 2 = Today

New Project Aims to “Publish the Long Civil Rights Movement”

Cool activist-esque things to do through the years: early 1960s: register African American voters in the South; late 1960s: protest Vietnam War/attend large-scale concert in upstate New York; 1970s: burn bra while reading Erica Jong; 1990s: wear a red ribbon on an expensive tuxedo; 2008: get involved in the electoral process. Considering the upcoming election season, significant change seems possible,… Continue Reading New Project Aims to “Publish the Long Civil Rights Movement”

Hear Spencie Love on today’s State of Things

Last week, the American Medical Association issued a formal apology for its history of discrimination against black doctors. Today on The State of Things, Frank Stasio and guests will discuss race and health care – particularly, this history of racial discrimination and its ongoing effects, including under-representation of black doctors in the health care profession and the widening of health… Continue Reading Hear Spencie Love on today’s State of Things

How healthy is “healthy”?

Yesterday’s New York Times offered a fantastic point/counterpoint book review pairing Nortin Hadler’s Worried Sick: A Prescription for Health in an Overtreated America with Nancy Snyderman’s book Medical Myths That Can Kill You: And the 101 Truths That Will Save, Extend and Improve Your Life. According to Hadler, a professor of medicine at UNC and attending rheumatologist at UNC Hospitals,… Continue Reading How healthy is “healthy”?