UNC Press books making headlines (and airwaves)

We’ve got lots going on around here! Here’s a quick roundup of ways in which UNC Press books are making waves right now. . . . Patrick Huber’s Linthead Stomp: The Creation of Country Music in the Piedmont South has just earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly. The review states, “With respect and passion,… Continue Reading UNC Press books making headlines (and airwaves)

E. Patrick Johnson on today’s State of Things

On WUNC’s (91.5 FM Chapel Hill) The State of Things today at noon, Frank Stasio and a panel of guests will be discussing the legal and religious meanings of marriage in light of the passage of Prop 8 in California and similar amendments in other states. Guests will include UNC Press author E. Patrick Johnson,… Continue Reading E. Patrick Johnson on today’s State of Things


Folks, Holy Smoke is hot! Thank you! The book popped up in the #15 spot in hardcover nonfiction on SIBA’s (Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance) Southern Indie Bestseller List for the week ending November 2. This morning’s News & Observer featured an interview with the Reeds. Today, John and Dale Reed talked to Frank Stasio on… Continue Reading Ssssmmmokin’!

Election digestion

Congratulations to everyone who voted yesterday! There was record turnout nationwide: more than 130 million people voted. North Carolina had 68.37% voter turnout. With more than four million votes cast for president in North Carolina, Obama is ahead by about 12,000 votes. Provisional ballots are still being counted (thus they haven’t called it an Obama… Continue Reading Election digestion

“Meet Mike Walden” on the State of Things

If the subject of economics isn’t your strong suit, welcome to the majority! That’s why North Carolina is lucky to have Mike Walden, a professor at NC State and economist with the NC Cooperative Extension Service. Walden is especially good at talking about economics in terms the rest of us can understand. His new book… Continue Reading “Meet Mike Walden” on the State of Things

Charles Irons on Today’s State of Things

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. called 11 a.m. Sunday mornings “the most segregated hour of the week.” Even today, integrated churches are the exception, not the rule. But that wasn’t always the case. In the colonial and antebellum South, black and white evangelicals frequently prayed, sang, and worshipped together. In The Origins of Proslavery Christianity:… Continue Reading Charles Irons on Today’s State of Things

(UNCP + State of Things) x 2 = Today

What, headline too cryptic? How much does UNC Press love The State of Things? We love it twice as much as yesterday, but only half as much as tomorrow. Today’s show will feature TWO segments with a UNCP author in each segment. No, we are not paying them off. But both UNC Press and The… Continue Reading (UNCP + State of Things) x 2 = Today

Exploring Torpedo Junction

Yesterday’s All Things Considered on NPR aired a story about recent efforts by marine preservationists to survey and document sunken German U-boats off Cape Hatteras, NC. Adam Hochberg talks to both a former German sailor and a local Hatteras resident who recalls hearing the torpedoes from the u-boats attacking American vessels. This is the history… Continue Reading Exploring Torpedo Junction

Hear Spencie Love on today’s State of Things

Last week, the American Medical Association issued a formal apology for its history of discrimination against black doctors. Today on The State of Things, Frank Stasio and guests will discuss race and health care – particularly, this history of racial discrimination and its ongoing effects, including under-representation of black doctors in the health care profession… Continue Reading Hear Spencie Love on today’s State of Things

California Dreams

In a recent segment on Berkeley and Watts in their “California Dreaming” series, NPR’s syndicated program Day to Day featured Kirse Granat May, author of Golden State, Golden Youth: The California Image in Popular Culture, 1955-1966. [May appears around the 2:20 mark in the podcast.]

Karey Harwood on today’s State of Things

Karey Harwood, author of The Infertility Treadmill: Feminist Ethics, Personal Choice, and the Use of Reproductive Technologieswill be a guest on WUNC’s The State of Things with Frank Stasio TODAY at NOON. You can listen online by clicking here (click under the red banner). Or you can catch the podcast later. (I’ll add the link… Continue Reading Karey Harwood on today’s State of Things